Friday, August 29, 2014


tomorrow, hallie, mackenzie and i embark on a trip to see one direction in concert. in chicago. at soldier field.
i'm one part terrified, three parts pumped.
if you had asked me yesterday morning, i would have been three parts terrified, one part pumped.
you see, i've never been to soldier field. i was all out of sorts about where to stay, park, how to get there, etc. i mean, i was still super organized and all systems were a go, but i was still really nervous about how it was all going to go down.
the original plan was pretty awesome, but got squashed, which is fine.
so then came a hotel, a paid parking spot downtown and a MILE WALK for me and two eight-year-old girls. one of whom is used to going to bed happily at eight o'clock. so a mile walk there at five pm = easy. a mile walk after the show at ten thirty pm = hell. for everyone. but it had to be done and it could be done and it will be FINE and OH DID I MENTION THE FORECAST LOOKS CRAPPY? just sayin'.
so out of the blue yesterday, my BFF betsy texts me to see if it was the st. louis concert we had attended, but no, we didn't (school night). so i wrote her back and just lamented a bit about how much easier that would have been because i KNOW st. louis. easy. so easy. but again, a school night.
one complain-y text from me to her. that's all.
fast forward a few hours later, i magically had a free place to stay less than half a mile from the stadium and a free parking spot. what?
and my stress level has diminished dramatically and is now replaced with super excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


hallie is in third grade, broken wrist and all. this is the first year she was all, see ya mom! i got this! and i was all, "i'll never let you gooooooo!" sigh.
wasn't she just in pre-K?
we had our annual back to school feast (previous years here, here and here and here and holy crap here too. i guess we've been doing it awhile! ) and it was quite the event. tacos on fancy china with pepsi in crytal goblets. and dave in his underwear. classy. our theme this year is "here there and everywhere: family and God." the here there and everywhere is a beatles song. and family and God are here there and everywhere - so if we need something, that's where we turn.

and then henry got strep throat, so that's always super duper fun. he went from totally fine to swollen, feverish and lethargic in a matter of two hours. of course these two hours were the only ones in which dave was hanging solo with the kiddos, so i got a bunch of crazy texts in a short amount of time while i was at a church meeting.

dave was home for one night in two weeks. ONE NIGHT. and that was THE NIGHT that henry comes down with strep. bummer for dave, but that's life.
what else, what else...this week has sucked big time. work is one thing after another of drama and issues and fires and crap. lots of tears and grumpy people. and then henry gets sick and i'm missing work and feeling guilty and a few things blew up unnecessarily while i was gone, so that's frustrating and WAAAAAAHHHHHH. i'm feeling VERY woe-is-me today. obviously.
on the bright side, i got to "work from home" this morning with henry and he decided to get some super-important work done too on his Barbie laptop.
AND, i get to spend a whole night alone in a hotel room this weekend. which means a night of UNINTERRUPTED sleep and no alarm (henry or otherwise) in the morning. i can't wait, but i also hate to leave my kids. silly wedding.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


same arm as the last time she broke something. hopefully the last!
she fell off a boat. a boat that was overturned already on land. they were fishing and caught one. it flopped and so did the side of the boat.
it was all very dramatic, but we survived. she chose a black cast and I hate yet to get a picture. coming soon!
this was happening a bit before the break:
 the end.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


which is crazy. and it was also back on july 12th, so you can see how behind i am on blog posts.

she had an awesome birthday.


Monday, July 28, 2014


and so, we went to my mom's place at the ozarks this weekend. and it was lovely.
it worked out that dave had a sound job down there and could join our water festivities. and barb + melissa and kids were down that weekend too, so we did some shuttling and a good time was had by all.
we also celebrated dave, hallie and henry's birthdays with an apple pie and lots of pool time. henry is obsessed with the pool and toodle-ing (it's a word - look it up) around in the duck boat. he could have "swam" around in the pool all day.
btw - swimming for henry means going up and down the steps, and then having me "swim" him around the pool. i'll take it!
also, the sound job was for pam tillis and lorri morgan at a local winery. and who knew, but they rocked my world. and so did the fireworks show afterwards. amazing!
the end.

Monday, July 21, 2014


this has been a really sad weekend.
i think reality is sinking in. he's really dead, not returning. I'm so sad for barb. i'm sad for dave and melissa too, but man, i am so so sad for barb.
these were the two songs we played at the funeral. the first, 'abide with thee' was chosen by lucille. this was the hymn she wanted. however, the version the funeral home had was warbling and ....just not mike. so, we found this version and it was perfect. simple with some steel guitar. just, perfect.
the second was chris tomlin's 'amazing grace, my chains are gone.' such a pretty song.

the mason sound guys were honorary pallbearers and all wore their mason shirts. henry laid on the floor and stared up at mike. so many people came and stayed for the committal at the cemetery. it was a blazing hot day, and all of those guys in black shirts, i can only imagine.
mike was buried at arcadia cemetery, a beautiful, peaceful community cemetery. the funeral procession made its way out of town and the route was such that mike was able to go by his home once more. we had a semi parked in front of the house and the neighbor blew the horn as we drove by. dave, melissa and lucille rode with barb in mike's black dodge, which chad and i and the (antsy) kids drove in their durango. i'm glad i wasn't with barb. i would have lost it driving by that house.
the pallbearers drove the fly-by-night, mason tour bus to the cemetery, and it made quite a statement. but so perfect.
the casket spray was white roses. we are having jewelry made from it. it was beautiful.
we had a hard time leaving the cemetery.


so, henry.

I tell ya.

we had him evaluated last tuesday for some eating and sensory issues to see if there was anything WRONG or if it was just him being an exceptionally picking three-year old.


it turns out there ARE things that are "wrong" (<<<not the right word, but you know what i mean)with him that we are going to address with some therapy.

we are going to work on his whole "breathing through is mouth instead of his nose while he's eating" thing that is apparently something that gets in the way of eating/tasting/everything. go figure.

so it's that, plus the muscles around his perfect mouth aren't developed and neither is his chewing.

all things that can be FIXED, which is great. he has some mild sensory stuff, but will be addressed during the session, as will his delay in speech.

the team is fabulous and henry has them wrapped around his little finger already.

so there's that.